Mr. Tedesko was the Camp Counselor of Camp Atrocious and the first villan Dan and Chris had encountered, he appeared in the episode Dan Vs. Summer Camp.


Two years before Dan ever came to camp, Mr. Tedesko introduce the Spirit Stick, which allows the camper and their cabin to enjoy the great things in camp, the Stick was obtain by a camper named Alec. (possibly his son) Later he was angry at Dan and his cabin, who used tactics to get the spirit stick instead of brute force, and force all of Dan's Cabin to stay in jail until camp was over. Later when Dan and Chris escape jail, they used their tactics skills to get revenge of Tedesko and the other campers. First when Tedesko tried to call the police, Dan intercepted it, then when he tried driving away, Dan cut the ignition wires, and when he tried to arm himself. one of Dan's cabin mates took the equitment and scared him. After Alec was taken, Tedesko was surrounded and Dan took off his hair to reveal a toupee. it is unknown what happen to him, he was either killed by one of Dan's friends when he tried to shoot an apple off his head with an apple or he died of old age.


  • Interstingly, Tedesko was not only the first villain Dan ever defeated, he was also the last villain of the series before is was cancelled. And was voiced by Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame.