Jeremiah Burger (otherwise known as Mr. Burger) is the CEO and proprietor of the Burgerphile fast-food chain.


He is an older man with a receding greying hairline, crows-feet along his eyes, large ears, and usually seen with a large toothy grin. Always wearing a dark blue suit, and lavender shirt, and black shoes


In "Burgerphile", Burger fired Jeff as manager of the local Burgerphile joint after he had refused Dan his order and inevitably caused the building to catch fire. Burger then appointed Hortense as regional manager and relocated her to Santa Monica after the incident.

During "The Wedding", Dan discovered Mr. Burger plan to marry Hortense and sets out to prevent the upcoming wedding. At the local eatery Food La La, Mr. Burger was appalled when Dan confronted the two and declared him a fraud. At the wedding, Dan attempted to win back Hortense by obtaining the help of a jet pilot to write a message in the clouds, but when the jet ran out of fuel, Dan was forced to jump out, where he crashed through the chapel window and caused the building to burst into flames. Burger then underwent a stroke and was carried out in an ambulance, where Hortense informed Dan: once Burger was recovered, they would elope and move somewhere far away together.