Season 1: January 2011 - July 2011Edit

 #  PC  Title card Title Airdate Plot
1 101 DVNM Dan Vs. New Mexico 1.1.2011 Dan's grudge against the state of New Mexico leads to a road trip with his best friend Chris and Chris's wife, Elise.
2 102 VsWolf-Man Dan Vs. The Wolf-Man 1.1.2011 When Dan discovers mysterious scratches on his car, he plots revenge against the only culprit he believes could be responsible... The Wolf-Man.
3 103 VsTheDentist Dan Vs. The Dentist 1.8.2011 When one of Dan's teeth is knocked out in an accident involving a stuffed bear he got from his dentist when he was a child, Dan concludes it was the dentist's fault and sets out to prove the man is evil.
4 104 The Ninja (HD).mkv snapshot 01.15 Dan Vs. The Ninja 1.15.2011 Dan's outrage over stolen cookies uncovers an unlikely Ninja vendetta.
5 105 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Animal Shelter 1.22.2011 Noise from the animal shelter keeps Dan awake, so he vows revenge.
6 106 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Canada 1.29.2011 After an incident involving maple syrup, Dan and Chris go on a road trip, when they set out to get even with their friendly neighbor to the north...Canada.
7 107 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Traffic 2.26.2011 After Dan wets himself because of traffic, Dan sets out to stop traffic, for good.
8 108 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre 3.5.2011 Displeased with the quality of a Shakespeare performance at a local dinner theater, Dan decides the only solution is to shut the theater down.
9 109 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Baseball 3.12.2011 Dan seeks revenge on baseball when the World Series preempts his favorite TV program.
10 110 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Salvation Armed Forces 3.19.2011 Dan goes to war with The Salvation Armed Forces after his car is accidentally donated to charity.
11 111 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Beach 3.26.2011 Dan tries to destroy the beach after a crowd of tourists damages his car.
12 112 George Washington Dan Vs. George Washington 4.2.2011 After a tree falls on top of Dan's car, Dan blames George Washington for chopping it down, and tries to find a way to get revenge on the long-dead President.
13 113 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Technology 4.9.2011 After Dan's brand-new computer becomes obsolete right when it needs to be repaired, Dan sets out for Silicon Valley to take down its creator.
14 114 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Barber 4.16.2011 Dan swears revenge against his barber after he gives Dan a bad haircut.
15 115 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Art 4.30.2011 Dan tries to destroy the artist who decorated his car without asking permission.
16 116 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Elise's Parents 5.14.2011 Dan plots revenge on Elise's parents when their visit prevents him from hanging out with Chris.
17 117 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Fancy Restaurant 5.21.2011 Dan's favorite sandwich shop gets closed down, so Dan goes after the new gourmet restaurant that replaced it.
18 118 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Dan 5.28.2011 Dan returns home from a court appearance to find that a stranger has moved into his apartment and stolen his identity, so Dan plots to get rid of the impostor and get his life back.
19 119 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Family Camping Trip 6.4.2011 When Chris decides to go on a camping trip with Elise and her family instead of hanging out with Dan, Dan vows to ruin the trip for everyone.
20 120 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Burgerphile 6.18.2011 Dan tries to destroy his newly favorite restaurant after getting bad service.
21 121 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Magician 6.25.2011 After being unable to figure out how a magician is pulling off his magic tricks, Dan sets out to prove that all magicians are frauds.
22 122 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Lemonade Stand Gang 7.2.2011

Season 2: November 2011 - June 2012Edit

# PC Title card Title Airdate Plot
1 201 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Family Thanksgiving 11.19.2011
2 202 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Mall Santa 12.17.2011
3 203 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Neighbors 1.28.2012
4 204 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Dancing 2.4.2012
5 205 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Bank 2.11.2012
6 206 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Monster Under the Bed 2.18.2012
7 207 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Golf 2.25.2012
8 208 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Gym 3.3.2012
9 209 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Wedding 3.24.2012
10 210 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Catburglar 3.31.2012
11 211 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Dinosaur 4.7.2012
12 212 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Stupidity 4.14.2012
13 213 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Telemarketer 5.19.2012
14 214 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Reality TV 5.26.2012
15 215 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Parents 6.2.2012
16 216 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Gigundo-Mart 6.9.2012
17 222 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Chris 6.16.2012
18 217 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Wild West Town 6.23.2012

Season 3: November 2012 - March 2013Edit

# PC Title card Title Airdate Plot
1 301 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Anger Management 11.17.2012
2 218 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Boss 12.1.2012
3 302 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Mummy 11.24.2012
4 303 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Mechanic 12.8.2012
5 304 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The High School Reunion 12.15.2012
6 219 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Common Cold 1.19.2013
7 305 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The DMV 1.26.2013
8 220 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Ski Trip 2.2.2013
9 306 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Jury Duty 2.9.2013
10 221 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. Vegetables 2.16.2013
11 307 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Superhero 2.23.2013
12 308 NO IMAGE Dan Vs. The Family Cruise 3.2.2013
13 309 VsSummerCamp Dan Vs. Summer Camp 3.9.2013