Dan vs Episode Ideas

Dan vs Season 4 Edit

1. Chris and Elise's Wedding


In the Garage Chris found some Wedding Photos and Dan comes over and Says it was his Best Time. 4 Years Ago Chris was moving out from Dan's Apartment because she's getting Married by Elise. Dan seeks Revenge to Take Chris back and at Burgerphile Dan was Talking to Hortense and Hortense told Dan to Buy a Gift and Gave it to Chris and Say Congrajulations. Don and Elise's Mom were Planning to Destroy the Wedding Too. And that Night a Alien came to Earth and Kills Chris's Parents Looks for Elise and At the Rehersal Dinner Dan made a Scene that Elise will not make a Good Bride and lose Chris's Friendship and at the Ceremony The Alien took shape of Elise and Replaced Her and Don orded all Species of Venomous Snakes and Constrictors and They Droped a Giant Retilucted Python and Elise as an Alien. Alll of the Snakes were terrifying People and Dan, Don and Elise Sr are Trying to Put the Snakes Away and a Retilucted Python was swollowing Elise as an Alien Whole and Chris Forced Dan to Help Him And After Elise is Out. Dan will Not Ruin the Wedding and Not Ruin the Wedding and Not be There. At the Hospital all is Out is the Alien

2. Shark


Dan is Chasing Some Teenagers at The California and the Teenagers tied Dan up to a Boat.

Rules of making your EpisodesEdit

  • No Creepy Stuff
  • No Bad words
  • No Bad Launguage
  • Make sure you Make Scenes of Alien taking form of Elise