Dan Vs. The Ninja
Season 1, Episode 4
The Ninja (HD).mkv snapshot 01.15
Production code 104
Air date January 15, 2011
Written by Chris Pearson
Dan Mandel
Directed by Bill Kopp
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Dan Vs. The Ninja is the fourth episode of Dan vs. Dan's outrage over stolen cookies leads to the discovery of a ninja against Elise.


The episode starts out with Dan with lactose milk and a ninja uses an weapon and slashes his milk then the next day goes to Chris's house to explain. At first Elise doesn't really go with it but then she does and later they disguise Chris as Dan and the ninja comes and hits Chris with a dart making him feel all loopy and crazy.Later the ninja challenges Elise and he ends up surrending and he makes a cookie shop called Ninja Dave's Cookie Restaurant.


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Trivia Edit

  • We learn alot about Elise's childhood in this episode and that she is a ninja.
  • First episode we see Ninja Dave's Cookie Restaurant.
  • We can see that label on Chris' refridgerator says "Coldpoint", pun on Hotpoint.
  • Chris is missing a goatee in one of the scenes when he's dressed up as Dan.
  • The message Ninja Dave left on Elise's door doesn't read "Shinobi no mono wa kanarasu katsu." It reads
    "Ninja wa, shie no
    tanitsu no sentou no tadashi
    shiki na kettou suruko
    toni chousen suru."
    which really appears to be a formal challenge, but the text is either terribly archaic or Google translated.