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Template:Cleanup Dan and Chris fight over a little death ray Chris won on a contest.Chris threaten to drop it so,dan plans to get back at chris.Dan finds his old box memories,Mr Mumbles find dans gas mask.At chris house dans uses a skunk and lowers it down the chimney shaking it angrily.It then realeases a stinky gas in the house.Chris and Elise ran out of the house and into the car.Dan goes inside to find his death ray.He manage to find it in chris room in a glass case.He tried to open it but chris and elise showed up.Dan was kicked out of the house dan drive home in his car hearing chris getting and interview for winning the deathray dan crashes into an rv.Elise dad look at his mirror to find out who it was and was shocked to see it was dan.Thet came out of their rv in an angry way.Dan told them that chris took his death ray and wants to get back so they form an alliance to get back at chris.At dan's apartment chris sold dan's stuff even his box of memories.Feeling so much anger dan threw a grenade at him.Chris leaves dan's apartment dan sit down on his mattress and haves milk with his kat but,only to find out the milk was a fake from chris.In the rv elise parent's came uo with a scheme to put chris in a box and ship him all the way to siberia.So they the machine in chris garage.Chris comes in and dan accidentally throws a grenade to one of the gears and accidentally starts a fire and burns down chris garage.Had enough of this dan for the last time chris goes over to dans house and demands a fight.At Felix Sanches state park chris and dan battle each other with special staffs similar to vulcan lirpa from star trek amok of time.Each staff contains a shocking device.When uses it he accidentally shocks elise dad.Chris charges at dan,chris knocks dan's weapon out of his hand and punches him with staff.Filled with so much anger and rage dan got a hold of chris staff and uses the water to shock him.Dan knocks chris over the cliff and elise runs toward him to save her husband.Chris was dangling from the edge of the cliff.Dan tried to kill him but,remembered all the good times they had so dan helps chris up and went home.At dans apartment chris gives dan his death ray and dan's box of memories.When dan goes to the bathroom he accidentally get's caught in the trap elise parents built for chris.Dan gets shift off to siberia one week later.In the end dan's bed explodes by the grenade in his box.

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